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So you’re looking for a relatively affordable used car but have only a few thousand bucks to spend? Fret not. There are many budget-friendly used cars you can buy in Iowa. For the budget-conscious buyer and the penny-pinching parent looking to buy a car for his or her, the amount represents a standard [and fair] starting point. Here are excellent and versatile used cars, SUV or trucks under $5,000 or less. Pick one that suits you best.
#1: 90s Jeep Wrangler
Although an SUV, the Jeep Wrangler is in many ways the perfect car for your budget, and for humid summers and snowy winters [thanks to its unrivaled 4x4 capability]. A used Wrangler still boasts good looks and excellent reliability. Just ensure to get one with about 100,000 miles on the odometer. If you’re not into SUVs, you can buy the used small or midsize sedan like Toyota Corolla or Camry. Either would be a good choice. After all, $5,000 can afford you a lot of car.
#2: Fiat 850 Sport Spider
If you relish frustrating tradition, the vintage Fiat 850 Sport Spider is the right and alternative model for you. While you can find many used cars under 5000, Dubuque IA residents would love to purchase this particular vintage Fiat given that it’s in a class of its own. It boasts under a liter of displacement from its small rear-mounted engine, and it’s easy to maintain. What this car brings you is something more abstract. It’s simply a roadster that anyone can easily afford or purchase.
#3: Mercedes-Benz 300TD Wagon (W123)
This used car is the best $5,000 answer; Mercedes-Benz 300TD Wagon. It’s an impressive car whose interior still feels vibrant and stable. It’s old-styled with thin but firm pillars that hardly break up and equally boasts an airy glasshouse. The 300TD is an early to mid-80s Mercedes-Benz that runs on diesel. And as long as you keep its turbo spinning, this wagon’s level of torque won’t disappoint. It’s among the many used cars under 5000, Dubuque IA residents love to buy.
#4: Land Rover Discovery II
There’s no finer used car that makes a statement of rugged individualism than a Land Rover Discovery. Any old Land Rover is worth betting your $5,000 on. Why? It’s a survivor. This vehicle never gets old yet maintains its classy distinctiveness.
And best of all, it can strand you anywhere [not just take you somewhere] or at least that’s what many will think when they see you driving it. With $5,000 budget, you can buy a used Land Rover Discovery II. Sure, you could buy a newer or more reliable model but remember with an old model, all the major kinks have already been worked out.
There you have it; best-used cars under 5000 Dubuque IA that residents can attest to owning or driving. You are better purchasing used cars since they equally perform much like newer cars, perhaps better, and you get to save a lot.  So, stretch your coin and purchase used cars for sale.