How to Plan a Safe Road Trip   


Planning a road trip can be a fun and also uneasy experience. Make sure you have a plan before hitting the road!


Who is coming along? Family? Friends? Make sure you have enough room in your vehicle for your guests. Check to see if coolers will fit between the seats or if you have enough room for items like luggage, car seats, wheelchairs or a walker. Check your trunk space. Does it need to be cleaned out to make room for the trip? Go ahead and check that one off your list early on.


At EZ Auto Finance, we recommend getting your car and tires completely checked before you hit the road. Even if you feel that you have a reliable car, it is better to deal with problems before you leave rather than on the side of the road.


You can call us and schedule an appointment and we can help make sure you and your guests will be safe on the road. Below is a basic checklist to get you ‘road trip ready.’

-Interior and exterior lights

-Windshield washer fluid

-Coolant levels

-Oil change


-Heat/ Air conditioning



Then there’s the big question, where are you off to? Headed to an event, a wedding, a trip for fun? Talk to your travelers! It’s best to have an idea of what everyone expects so that everyone is on the same page.

How far do you want to go? Or if you already know, do you plan on stopping along the way? It is important to stop frequently to take breaks. Schedule places to stop and explore. Pack HEALTHY snacks. As much as traveling is fun and exhilarating- it can be very tiring! So make sure to fuel yourself and others with healthy foods. If you’re stopping somewhere overnight, make hotel reservations ahead of time. It may be a good idea to have a hotel destination in mind so that you know for sure you will have some place to stay.



-Fuel up your vehicle the night before you leave. You already know the best places and prices to fill up around you.

-It doesn’t hurt to have a paper copy of your directions and a map. Having a GPS or cell phone is great for navigating but they aren’t always reliable. Have a back-up plan in case of an emergency!

-Drive the speed limit. Not only is it safer to drive the speed limit, but according to the U.S. Department of Energy, avoiding aggressive driving can save your gas mileage anywhere from 5% in town to 33% on the highway.


We want you to be safe on the road! Call us to schedule an appointment so we can help! 563-585-2000